My Gabby and a proud father. By: Erin Brennan, owner of

After the Mayors Awards last night, I woke with hope and faith in the common future of humanity. This can only be shared properly with the words of a truly great man and the Mayor of Boise Dave Bieter. His quote after the program was closing is at the end!

All the recipients were presented along with their stories. All these stories revealed their commitment, compassion, strength, perseverance, & accomplishments.

Some of those receiving the award were survives of war and tremendous hardship; Some were recovering from the death of both parents, at such a young age; Some had turned the corner on their life so dramatically, it shocked the mined going from the edge of disaster to success in all things; Most had good grades often all A's some despite having to learn English and also spoke two and three languages.

I spent most of the night on the edge of balling instead of tears simple rolling down my cheeks with only a blubber here and there.

Almost all were like diamonds created out of unjust suffering and inescapable pressure and so little time. All were between 8th to 12th grades. My Gabby was likely one of the youngest. I even heard they wanted to nominate her last year but she was not old enough. For her to be included in that group is beyond my wildest expectations and close to my love for her but nothing can touch that because that would exist at the same level if she were the worst criminal in the world.

Yet when I see the things she does with her work with those rejected typically refugees and others in our society, I understand why she was there. When I remember her over coming dyslexic to now all A's and I hear the things the teachers say about her kindness, I get it. She does what I only talk about.

Then at the end Dave Bieter gets up and said what every single member of the audience was thinking. "Wow! If you ever thought you accomplished anything in life think again."

Even a great man like him was taken back by it all. He makes me think of  the movie It's a Wonderful Life and he is a true George Bailey.

His staff, the teachers, their families, and all involved who taught and help nurture those kids who are more men and women than any of us, are creating a future of George Bailey's.

I am proud to ride their coat tails. I am so thankful for my wife Nancy Brennan, Gabby Brennan, Hailey, Brennan, Jacob Brennan, and Andy Brennan. They showed me the man I'm supposed to be. I will forever be in their debt.


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