Leaps and Future Bounds

An essay titled: Leaps and Future Bounds. By: Erin J. Brennan founder of www.TransAct-q.com

I have been thinking, which is a relatively new thing for me. I wake and I write or I read. When I write, it is usually about a dream or thought from a good nights’ processing of thoughts. Sometimes I type or text. I’m sure you’ve noticed the spelling.  Sometimes I use speech-to-text. I am not sure why I type or text when I know I make errors but I am not very smart or diligent at times. Not really. I do know I am smarter and precise than some but not even slightly close to being as smart as I should be.

When you use drugs or alcoholic you don’t dream. You don’t process thought. You don’t grow. I spent most of my life not growing but succeeding at failure. Even when I was not drinking I did not think. I just frantically ran from place to place not going anywhere. What a waste of the gift of life and a good mind and body.

I have so much time to make up for. I better get started. Oh I forgot I already have started. I started when I began dreaming and taking time to think. That last bit taking time to think came from Gates & Buffet so it must be good.

You can choose to stop medicating your pains and hurts or do less of it and instead strive to heal those hurts. Then the world can open up to you. Your mind will then truly grow with a shocking leap and potential future bounds.

Remember all this from a math, finance, economics, or any multiple choice great guess test taker that could not write a proper sentence or have an independent thought. I think “Common Core” was a good move and so was marrying a teacher that teachers her tiny kids and me mostly to take risks, not fear failure, learn and then shows them love.

So my final closing advice don’t fear, take risks, love, learn, think, grow, and live a life worthy of the gift of it.

Erin J. Brennan is the founder of www.TransAct-q.com a business brokerage firm and marketer of smaller startup engineering consulting firms primarily throughout the US and Canada. We can win you work and grow your bottom line through social networking, marketing, business acquisitions or discrete business sales strategies.

Life is a gift
Heal Yourself
do not fear take risks

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