Albertsons the most challenging all-consuming oppressive job of my life

I just dreamt about Albertsons the most challenging all-consuming oppressive job of my life and also a great place to mature through most of my career childhood. Steve the big boss came into my office and shut the door. After he opens the door and leaves. I sit for a moment confused disoriented but mostly intensely joyous, and small. I compose and regain myself, for the first time ever really and walk after him. Steve the most intense commanding figure I’ve ever known ironically was short in stature and this fact for me even back then only enhanced my image of him because clearly his leadership was not falsely gained but earned and true not like so many other brutes and false bosses I also knew. I like Steve more than you could ever comprehend.

We walked back to his office and again he shut the door which always gave me shivers. I started to confirm what he had said. Then left and ask Vicki a beautiful kind soul if she could help me draft a letter, my resignation.

Nothing like this ever happened but what a great analogy of life “both the first and the second” or more aptly the midpoint between.

Father’s Day and a great true man I know reminded me about all this fake manhood, that I resigned from and indirectly many other fake things I reject. True manhood has absolutely nothing to do with this fake toughness or virility most consider manly but in fact the opposite is true and also intensely joyous.

proud dad

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