Even in Monopoly a dumb game played with my kids

One of the biggest frustrations in my life is that being factually correct in business strategy, economic, politics, accounting, or board games is usually not relevant. It is almost always better to keep you head down and say what those around you want to hear.

I have never been good at saying what others want to hear. That is why I suspect I have never been the big boss but always the person advocating for the big boss. I always am asking him or her to be my filter.

Even in Monopoly a dumb game played with my kids when the point is relationship, I can't help calculating the EV the expected value/cost of a rotation around the board. (((+$200 PASSING GO) - (($2,000 cost of board walk & hotel owned by another /7)-($1800 park place + hotel)/7)))

7=Avg distanced traveled per turn.

When the Expected Value is negative in a game and the remaining properties are split, it is in every other players advantage do a deal. They need to chase down the one in the lead. Even those racing bikes understand this. When I can't explain this well enough to help others see I get frustrated and hot.

You would think I could learn that sometimes in life the numbers are not relevant. But in things that are not games they do make a difference in business, politics, or when calculating human suffering. These things do count. Don't they?

Maybe the suffering I see in the world is just enough to motivate our growth to new understanding that love is the only answer. Yet I can't stand by and act like this suffering is not avoidable with better understanding.

I must try to teach.  I honestly don't understand any other way to be.

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