Humbled and a fighter

Being not quite the youngest from a proud Catholic family of 10, I always considered myself the runt of the litter. My Irish twin was the class president, salutatorian and a four-time district champion wrestler.

My younger brother was the same plus state champ and placed all four years. No wonder I was humbled and a fighter.

My dad a coach of all sorts, for his kids and others, his voice resonates still. Reminding me there is only “one round” and three minutes left in your life. Or when he took me from the end of the line and had me hike the ball because our center was a pawn between a fight he was having with the defensive coach. He had the toughest player blitz and time the cadence. No wonder I was humbled and a fighter.

My friends in school, I never realized were the smartest and most successful of their class and in business. Two engineers, plus a rocket scientist, and hedge fund manager. No wonder I was humbled and a fighter.

That girl in college, whose name eludes, she was a double major valedictorian. I’m sure she’s a CEO someplace now. I wonder if she has kids but no wonder I was humbled and a fighter.

I see now these were all gifts that stretched me to become more. Was I actually the runt? Irrelevant I suspect!

Never stop but if you do let me sell your company.

Runt of litter 1
Erin Brennan kid boxer
Boise State

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