A thank you to the men builders of my life!

I’ve been thinking about success and failure and how these two are kin and also about my family all nine of them plus mom and dad and the extras.

My oldest brother, most think is a successful coach but he is not, only, he is a GREAT man builder and a leader of men builders. I saw it in his game in which they lost badly! Most are not attentive enough to see these things and left before half. This is a shame because there are so few honorable, strong and courageous in this world. Their leaving, I suspect, says something about their understanding of victory and defeat. We could all learn something from Tim, his coaches, players but mostly being more observant of what it takes to be one with character.

You should judge a coach by what happens after halftime. Most think this is because of tactical adjustments, but more so, it is because of that moment of adjustments of the mind of kids transformed to men. I recall a cornerback that was too timid to make a tackle, but then he did twice. I noticed an offensive tackle converted to a nose guard assigned to smack the man in front of him who led the defense to followed suit. A violent game but life is a fight and it takes great strength and courage to do it right. I learned to fight in sports why shouldn’t they?

On Thanksgiving I think it’s appropriate to thank those who helped make me who I am and directed who I hope to become. Thank you, mom, dad, my brothers, sisters and so many coaches and teachers some of which technically were neither. You know who you are! You may even remember those moments, always incorrectly diagnosed failures when you saw me fight harder than before.

I hope today is one of those moments for me and you! The best is yet to come.

Tim BK football
Thank you

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