Did you know that there are more humans on the earth today than ever existed before?

When I think about this fact, I realize that there are potentially an infinite number of future lives that will be born that are at risk of unimaginable suffering. Please consider these infinite lives on a life boat in the middle of a massive ocean with no land in sight. There is no clean water or food to eat. The starvation, war and unmeasurable suffering that would result. This is a correct analogy of life on earth existing in the universe.

If we believe in love and protecting these futures human lives just as much as our own or those we love alive today. Do we have intellect and compassion for us to disregard these conclusions or simple not care? I don’t think so. Unfortunately many don’t think about these things. I know as a Republican I never did before.

Thanks for showing this to me! I am truly in your debt. I can’t think of a greater gift a person could be given than new sight and understanding.

Life Boat

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