Foxhole Fighters for America!

By: Erin and Nancy Brennan the founders and owners of

This is a call out to those first out of the foxholes the defenders of America. Republicans and Democrats! I am speaking to those out there that are the fighters and the true leaders, the ones that take the bullets first and inspire others to act. You know who you are! Not always popular, elected, or easy followers.

They are the wrestlers, boxers, distance runners, and football players who play for team and not self. They are the gymnasts, and basketball players, for girls' sports, and a compliment to woman because sports were not popular or mainstream for women in my day.

The writers, dancers, musicians, the foodies and artists who can see beyond what is put in front of them and create beauty out of ugliness.

The engineers, accountants, techies and stock traders, that can see truth the in numbers and patterns of behaviors.

Trump is destroying our nation! He is working for himself and Russia that attacks and hacks our nation and our most important electoral freedom. Unlike the sheep Christ refers to, you are wolves on behalf of love and goodness. You are not sheep. You can act! Be who you were made to be! Fight and lead NOW! Now is the time. Social media is the place.

If Russia and Trump can destroy America by spreading Trump lies through a social media hack and advertisement, you can save our great nation with your uniquely necessary voice and truth! If the desire for money is corrupting our nation to the point of death of America, then your passion and strength is "OUR" salvation. Your kids and humanity's future and an infinite number of souls are at risk!

Call, post, speak, like, share or America dies!

Team not self
Trump & Puttin

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