Happiness is derived from gratitude a studied truth and fact!

Yesterday I had a conference call that was a prayer and an answer to another.  It was with my favorite three sisters and my favorite brother the brilliant salutatorian.  As I remember it was another who kicked his butt in grades or was it that PE teacher who gave a B to a four-time wrestling district champ.  That teachers name tells the story, you were robbed. You will always be my favorite robbed first place loser and friend. Lol My younger brother, I apologize for your discarded rank outside my favorite and to all the others I call brothers. I’m just doing that Dad thing when you’re not his favorite if you’re not in the room. He was another Brennan oxymoron, but more importantly a brilliant husband, father, and preacher.  I should not even talk about his wrestling out of concern that if I did his head at least may never again be my favorite or in the room at all. Yet I can’t resist this possibly true and arrogant statement. He was the best wrestler ever to walk the halls of BK.

My twin brothers and the boxers who looked nothing like each other before or after sparring.  Even now a voice commands to me. “Do what they do!”  I recall it spoke Management or Finance when I chose my degree and profession. The one whose reputation I climbed to start that career and the other who stayed home in college in part to protect me and even rubbed my back when I was nervous before a match. Yes you would be my favorites if you were there.

My 2nd oldest brother he turns out to be one of the best men and examples I’ve ever known. Think about that to be a brother to the best man you ever knew. That’s his heart and how I know his words are true. He is so clearly my twin born a decade apart. He is like me both good and bad but mostly good and that good is growing daily. He would be my friend and favorite if he were there.

Or the brilliant coach and oldest brother a changed man from Pittsburgh or the baby whisperer and grandpa. I remember the day I first saw a difference. That Easter egg hunt in which you met my unique friend and his kids, or after one of your state championship games I watched you chase down players just to give them hugs and I think you lost which you never really do.  These are precious memories and I was only a spectator. I can only imagine what it meant to them.

I must be the luckiest person alive to have this life but so are you. So change how you see the world it will make all the difference. For gratitude is the cheapest way to happiness and heaven.

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