That INVISIBLE LINE of freedom into slavery!

Today I have been writing our political representatives. Please do the same or at minimum read my letter! You can use it as a draft of the email you send to the house and congress. This letter I sent to them and now send to you. You are a courageous American Patriot!

Dear American Patriot and our political representative,

I am writing and pleading for you to defend our nation. Please put down politics and pick up the "American" flag and pick up your obligation and responsibility as a representative and voter. Be Courageous!

Russian Cyber Warfare is the new bombs and bullets. Japan combat planes are bribes and Trump’s profits. Trump/Russia is our generations Pearl Harbor, Vietnam or Watergate. An attack on our country is becoming more obvious to all and “NOW!” is the moment to act with courage and conviction or America will die a slow death from corruption and American betrayal for money.

TRUMP must be convicted of a CRIME AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Any other options or choices are too risky! Our ability to freely elect our public officials has already been compromised and all our American freedoms are now at stake!

The lessons of history are clear and so is our human nature. We look away from grotesque and ugly truth. To not act is our human tendency and is a historical fact. This fact is clearly seen and we can be learn from both the World Wars and 100 million deaths. To think this time is different or someone else will take the lead has been proven wrong time and again. "They won’t." IT IS UP TO YOU! You are the one! Please take that lead Congressman/Senator/Voter! Please have courage!

Please understand at some point this battle against Trump/Russian money inspired corruption will be unwinnable. We will cross that INVISIBLE LINE. Then no path will exist back to AMERICAN FREEDOM. Yet if you have courage and conviction and accept your duty and responsibility we can win the greatest gift of American freedom for our children! We will certainly win this battle if all of those who hear and read this letter take courageous action. (please re-post, like, and most importantly call or write your political representatives).

Thank God those before us fought and accepted their honorable defense of our nation and took action! I hope someday our kids will say the same about our generation. They will fondly remember their honorable fathers and mothers that stood up for and defended their beloved nations.

They will say "they saw the Evil Writing On The Walls” of the Trump/Russia’s hate of human souls and Trump/Russia’s love of stolen bribes and illegal money!

We don’t know where that INVISIBLE LINE of freedom into slavery is but we are without question closer to that line than ever before in the history of my life. This is why I risk everything, my business, my family, and I would even risk my life. Not because I’m brave but because this is who I am and who you can become.  Be a courageous relentless unapologetic voice for American freedom and love of human souls. Love of money is a foolish, selfish, and misguided, successful Trump and American lie.

I love this country more than you know. Please CONVICT Trump” of Treason and remove him from office. Also remove other clearly Treasonous Trump appointees as well before it is too late.

I feel that line in the sand in drawing near. Will we choose slavery or true freedom? Will we remain silent or take action?

God bless America! Yet it is up to you to be his hands and feet on this earth and do the blessing. So get to work!

Erin Brennan, the founders and owner of

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God Bless America
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