An Anonymous American Patriot!

This is a letter from an anonymous American Patriot! (Please like, share, post and defend America from corruption)

In my heart I am a compassionate Republican. I have voted for one Democrat in my life and that vote was a vote agents Trump and the bigger of two evils and risks. Our choice in that election was between the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history.  I supported Bush both of them and would again. If someone called me a liberal, I would take that as an insult because I understand the intent.

Yet I am asking Republicans, and Democrats to put down your political identity and to pick up the American flag and to defend our national freedoms: to put America before politics; to put concern about corruption in our government before politics; to understand the power of greed in Trumps heart and even in our own hearts; to put our ability to elect our future leaders first even before politics.

The news you see is increasingly paid advertisement and propaganda. This is a fact. Goggle, Facebook, LinkedIn are all marketing driven. Please search for true news. NPR will tell you the truth. It is not drive by advertisement dollars. Republicans please turn on NPR for one week and keep it on. Democrat, please don't think you can use a bad president as a tool to incorrectly believe it will help you elect more democrats. It won't and an even bigger risk exists. We risk the death of American freedom. The source of that freedom is our ability to elect our own government.

All remember when Trump was elected in primary after primary agents other Republicans when nobody expected him to win and polling indicated he would not win. Remember when Trump won the election agents Clinton. Clinton received 5 times more popular votes than any other loosing president in the history of the United States. Trump received 304 electoral votes and Clinton got 227. When George Bush won vs. Al Gore, Bush won by only one electoral vote. So Clinton received five times more votes than Gore did over Bush yet Trump received 74 more electoral college votes. Bush in the final count received only one more vote.

Math teaches when populations are large these types of statically anomalies do not occur. (maybe Trump taped in to hidden racism or some other strange anomaly but I find these facts very strange and concerning)

Also remember the Russian Cyber terrorism worldwide. They are attacking elections throughout the world. Remember their perverse relationship with Trump. Trumps repeated denial of these attacks in defense of Russia. The Mueller report is clear about the risk that Russia presents to our country.

Russia has hacked our election and our ability to elect our own public officials. Who know how far that went but why would we presume they can’t and won't do it again.

Clearly Trump won’t protect us. He denied this happened and defended Russia at every turn.

It is a fact that Russia is attacking our country through cyber warfare. I watched Facebook's CEO testify to congress. Did you? Did you read the detailed accounts of Russia’s connection to Trump? Do you understand his business of selling real estate to mostly Russians? Do you remember Trump courting Putin asking him to the white house? Do you remember Trump sitting in the White House with that Malaysian president after that Malaysian leader and thief had stolen billions from his own people and country betraying them.

Trump lies and lies. These are facts. He has gone through employees like a Rolodex to find people who have so little love for this country or even love for their kids they will also betray America and their children for money.

Some of you will never do anything about this but some of you have the necessary intellect, guts and love for America and love for your kids to drive you to some courageous action.

The corruption in our political system is clearly so great that it will take an outcry to overcome the lack of political will and complacency.

We can't risk another election out with a clear indication it'll be a fair one. Trump must be convicted of a crime. He must be removed from office. Then we can remove all other treasonous Trump appointees or America dies.

Russia is interfering in elections all over the world. This is the new way wars are fought.

Please I beg you fight for this country with courage and faith that we can win this country back from the brink of destruction.

God please bless this nation.

Trump - Clinton
Bush Gore
Russion Cybor War

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