Business Development:

We provide business development and image enhancement services to contractors and consulting companies and individuals in the power generation and power delivery industries.

We are proven experts at growing market share through business acquisitions and social media marketing strategies.

Brokerage Services: Buyers

Our extensive network in the power generation and power delivery industry, coupled with our experience, allows us to identify engineering and construction companies with owners often approaching retirement age. We then match these companies with larger companies who would be interested in acquiring these business assets. These assets typically include property, valued employees and clients.

Let me help you grow your bottom line through business acquisitions. I can do externally what you can’t do internally. As an independent party I can aggressively market and search for acquisition opportunities without alerting the marketplace to your strategic objectives.

All involved can remain anonymous until the papers are signed and an announcement is made. This is a no risk proposition. Allow me to identify appropriate target opportunities and assist in developing the relationships necessary to get deals done.  Learn More

Brokerage Services: Sellers

We can position and present your company in the most favorable light, making your company the rock star of this industry.

I understand this company is your creation and life's work and the idea of selling her is likely unsettling. Yet history shows if don’t have an already established ownership transition plan when you retire your company will likely expire or be sold for much less than is possible.

Give us the time necessary to discreetly and confidentially position your company and help you develop the relationships necessary for an effective ownership transition in the engineering consulting and construction field. When people and relationships are your primary asset time is your most valuable resource. What you want from your buying target is relationship, admiration and respect and this takes time to develop. My already established relationships are likely your most profitable and easiest ownership transition plan.

Discretion is one of the reasons we exist. We can do externally what you can't do internally. Confidential business exit strategies are our specialty.   Learn More

Corporate or Personal Image Enhancement:

The image of your company should attract consistent demand for your services, the best talent, investors, and the support of the community. Does your company name make people sit up and pay attention?  We help promote people, projects and companies.

Ask yourself what is the value of being an industry icon. I can make that happen for you or your company in the power generation and power delivery industry. Call and let me explain how and learn about the services we can provide.  Learn More


Our Mission

Our mission is to become a world-class business broker and multimedia marketer to foster and create business relationships and serve our clients. We will strive for simple words, “well done" or "thank you!"


Our Vision

Our vision is simple to use our know-how and virtual marketplace scale advantage to make a meaningful difference, one client, one person, and one job at a time.


Our Values

We value relationships first, commitment second, and an honest desire to make our clients successful. We believe character comes from within, relationships are earned, and commitment is a way of life. Mostly, if we act with virtue all else will fall into place.             Learn More about our Mission Vision & Values

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Erin James Brennan, Founder & CEO

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