Our scale advantage:

Our value proposition is to leverage the virtual marketplace we created in the engineering consulting and construction field. Our specific concentration of connections and relationships in the power generation and power delivery industry gives us an advantage. This concept of scale advantage is well known in the retail commercial real estate industry. This advantage exists to an even greater degree in the virtual online world. We will now leverage and increase this advantage for our existing clients and for every new client that comes aboard.

We can grow your company’s revenue by effectively using our virtual market place scale advantage and social media marketing know-how to help your company win new work, enhancing your corporate or personal image or through business acquisitions and business monetization and exit strategies.

What we do:

TransAct-q is a power generation and power delivery business brokerage, multimedia marketer and consultant. We strive to grow market share for our clients through business acquisition, confidential business exit and monetization strategies, and business development.  We accomplish market share growth by leveraging our virtual marketplace scale advantage in the power generation and power delivery industries and through the effective use of available multimedia tools, business acumen, and hard work.

Meet the team:

Long ago while at Power Engineers our founder Erin J. Brennan identified the need for a company in this industry that could assist in facilitating the relationships necessary for the successful acquisition and sales of businesses in the engineering consulting and construction field. TransAct-q will fulfill this need in the power generation and power delivery industry.

We also assist with business development and image enhancement for companies and top level executives.

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Erin J. Brennan

Founder & CEO




TransAct-q is a business brokerage, and public relations firm.  We operate in the engineering consulting and construction field.  We identify consultants and contractor, establish an understanding of their desired acquisition company target type and preferred regions of operation in the US and Canada and assist in developing the relationships necessary to facilitate business transactions.

We are proven experts at growing market share through business acquisitions and social media marketing strategies. During my time at Utility Pole Solutions revenue grew 7 fold.

We can grow your company’s bottom line through business acquisitions, business development and discrete business sales strategies. We have established a unique virtual marketplace scale advantage in the power generation and power delivery industries!  The value of this scale advantage increases with every new client that comes aboard. We can do as an external company what you can’t do internally aggressively and confidentially uncover pots of gold.


Developed a profitable business plan and marketing strategy which effectively communicated a need. Highlights included:

  • Grew revenue seven fold from start date to end date.
  • Developed a targeted contact list and social marketing program which consists of over 120,000 contacts.
  • Expanded and established an infrastructure required to execute operational objectives, including inventory acquisition, and storage sites.
  • Created the marketing material and display used at sales conferences and presented Utility Pole Solutions product offerings in person and on social media.


Acted as the financial and business consultant to the E.V.P and other department managers regarding general finance, business and accounting issues. Valued targeted engineering firms for potential acquisition and led teams of associates through, due diligence and integration: Highlights included:

  • Acquired, closed, and integrated multiple engineering firms while insuring company priorities and strategic objectives were achieved.
  • Analyzed business acquisitions, negotiated terms and presented findings to upper management, using traditional financial metrics.
  • Effectively communicated to resolve the innate conflict that arises during negotiation, due diligence and preliminary integration. Maintained open lines of communication, with internal team members, and external acquisition target management, key to future success. Partnered with internal business unit managers and newly acquired management employees and assisted with the development of strategies and business plans.
  • Evaluated acquired company results to assure ROI target goals were achieved and appropriately adjusted acquisition and integration strategies to ensure future success.
  • Analyzed, prioritized and solved, acquisition, due diligence and integrations issues that came from multiple departments simultaneously to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Participated in the development of strategic plans, budgets, department goals, success criteria, and other benchmarks.
  • Evaluated Power’s business to identify opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, and maximize profit.
  • Established procedures in order to make improvements and maintain consistent oversight.
  • Created and maintained company financial models to estimate profitability, establish budgets and other metrics to ensure that management practices were consistent and strategic objectives were met.


Reported financial information for the research and design group with monthly spending of 60 million: Highlights included:

  • Successfully completed the timely, accurate input, production, and release of financial statements.
  • Provided support services to the research and design management group.
  • Directed budget preparation, processing and analysis.


Assisted the sales team in selling investment offerings, evaluated competitive offerings, and negotiated final contract terms with clients: Highlights included: 

  • Effectively communicated to resolve the innate conflict, while negotiating the final contract terms associated with the sale of an investment to clients. Resolved client problems and negotiated appropriate solutions.
  • Prepared and presented financial data, cash flow analysis and other information to clients, an internal sales force, and management. Maintained open lines of communication to resolve future issues and concerns.
  • Analyzed complex competitor’s offering memorandums and summarized the results to the sales team in both written and oral form during a weekly conference call and through daily personal interactions.
  • Composed and edited sponsored private placements memorandums and sales offering memorandums and presented these documents in person to large groups, and summarized these offerings in recorded messages to clients.


Sourced, evaluated, negotiated and closed commercial real estate investments throughout the United States ensuring these investments met client requirements and accomplished company strategic objectives: Highlights included:

  • Sourced and closed approximately 218 million dollars in commercial real estate including the two largest transactions in company history. (2006 top producer out of nine executives) Closed 38% of the total company dollar volume this year; far surpassing my closest peer.
  • Built consensus, influenced others, solved problems, and resolved conflict in each transactions closed.
  • Appropriately and consistently adjusted acquisition strategies to maximize the probability of success.
  • Ensured the investment committee, finance, legal counsel, brokers, sales team, and others were prepared for upcoming interactions with clients, banks, brokers, owners, and opposing council in advance to maximize the probability of a successful closing.
  • Successfully directed, juggled and controlled multiple transactions through various levels of management, and multiple internal departments. Including: finance, legal, due diligence, sales, and the investment committee.
  • Successfully prepared and presented detailed information to the investment committee, real estate brokers, property owners and developers both in written and verbal form and to individuals and groups.
  • Built a team of strategic partnership and maintained effective lines of communication.


Underwrote commercial real estate and presented findings to the investments committee: Highlights included:

  • Gathered, organized, and analyzed detailed information to perform due diligence on prospective real estate acquisitions. Maintained an audit and oversight function for the acquisition department.
  • Developed the model used to evaluate and purchase commercial real estate, ensuring that practices and hurdle requirements were consistent and in line with company strategic objectives.


Reported financial information, developed business strategies, benchmarks, and established bonus plans: Highlights included:

  • Supported and directed budget preparation, processing and analysis.
  • Implemented process improvements and ensured practices were consistent with strategic objectives.
  • Led and directed operational outcomes.
  • Examined financial statements, budgets and other documents for multiple remote distribution centers to ensure consistency and compliance with established accounting requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Managed the daily operations of the accounting department.
  • Prepared for financial audits assuring compliance with GAAP and maintained effective oversight.
  • Consolidated and analyzed remote distribution centers’ financial reporting with over 24 billion dollars in sales.
  • Directed and completed the timely accurate input, production, and release of financial statements.
  • Managed and developed employees.

EDUCATION - B.S., Finance, Boise State University, Boise Idaho

  • Dean’s list honors.

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